We hope that you have had a great start to the year, we are certainly excited for all God has in store! We know with this new year will come new opportunities to serve and grow. Please pray with us for the specific people God will put in our paths, that we can be used to point them to Christ. 

Here’s a review of what we’ve been up to and how God has been blessing here: 

This month I had the privilege to baptize a young man named Santiago. When we met Santiago he was struggling with finding purpose in life, he felt that it was meaningless. God through His word revealed to Santiago that his purpose is found in Christ, and after recieving Christ he happily followed in believer’s baptism. Please pray for his spiritual growth as God leads him. He has a desire to study in the Bible College, pray that God would direct his steps and he would faithfully serve the Lord. 

Youth Camp

I had the opportunity to participate in a youth camp put on by Liberty Baptist Church. We had a great time of Q&A where many asked about how they could know how to best follow God’s plans for their life – it was encouraging to meet so many who sincerely want to follow the Lord! Later I was able to preach a message about the treasure we have in the gospel. Praise God for what He is doing in and through the youth here! 

Pastor Wil!

 I had the privilege to share some words of encouragement with the congregation in Mariano Melgar Baptist Church as my good friend and former language school teacher took over as pastor. Pray that God would use him and his young family to be a blessing to the congregation as well as to the surrounding community of more than 50,000 people. Pray that God would provide the means for them to add a nursery to the church so that they could comfortably minister to the families that God will bring. 

Political Unrest 

Peru continues to be divided politically. This brings about strikes and at times riots, including shutting down of main roads and airports. There is increased military presence, and tensions continue to rise. Would you pray that God would use these circumstances to reveal to many that our hope and future are not found in the next politician, but in Christ, and that regardless of where we find ourselves in this world, as believers we are part of His Kingdom. Seeing corruption in the world should simply highlight for us the stark contrast between earthly wisdom and power and that which comes from the Lord. We serve the King who is worthy! 


– Santiago took the step of believers baptism and continues to grow in his faith! 


– Pray for our country and the leadership to make God-honoring decisions. 
– Maritza and Jesica, two young girls Allie is meeting with and witnessing to.